The main investigations Rebecca has undertaken are:  


This long-running investigation has two key elements:

— an exploration of how Gordon Anglesea came to be such a controversial figure in the long-running saga.

In November 2016 the retired North Wales Police superintendent was gaoled for 12 years for abusing two boys in the 1980s.

See The Fall Of Gordon Anglesea and the Gordon Anglesea page for more details.

— the second, more important, element is an indictment of the work of the 1996 North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal which cost £14 million.

Rebecca says the Tribunal covered-up failures by North Wales Police to investigate child abuse in the 1970s and 1980s.

In 2012 David Cameron ordered a review of the Tribunal, headed by Lady Justice Macur.

Her report, earlier this year, gave the Tribunal a clean bill of health.

Rebecca says her conclusions are untenable.

For more on this investigation, see the Child Abuse page.



THE ESTABLISHMENT in Wales is an incestuous place.

For decades broadcasting has been dominated by the Talfan Davies family and its allies.

Since 1990, BBC Wales has been controlled by the clan.

It started with Geraint Talfan Davies, Controller from 1990 to 2000.

He was succeeded by his protégé Menna Richards, previously head of HTV.

During her reign, her sister built a prosperous independent production company on the back of BBC commissions.

Menna Richards also groomed Geraint Talfan Davies’ son, Rhodri, to take over when she retired.

He was appointed in 2011.

The appointment was not without controversy: Rhodri Talfan Davies was just 40, had never made a television programme in Wales — and lived in England.

ITV Wales was plagued by a different problem: censorship.

Twice the channel suppressed material about public figures — most notably current Ofcom Wales chief Rhodri Williams and former Welsh Rugby Union chairman David Pickering.

The details can be found in the Nepotism & Patronage page.


THE EXAMINATION of the Talfan Davies clan led to another investigation.

After he left the BBC in 2000, Geraint Talfan Davies joined the board of Glas Cymru, the not-for-profit company which owns Welsh Water.

When Menna Richards was in the process of leaving the BBC, she too joined the board of Glas Cymru.

Both have enjoyed substantial fees — while the main directors awarded themselves salaries far greater than the publicly-owned Scottish Water.

Rebecca also believes customers have been overcharged to the tune of a quarter of a billion pounds — deepening poverty in Wales.

The following articles chart this dismal story:

The Great Welsh Water Robbery and
The Great Welsh Water Conspiracy.

This investigation continues.



FREEMASONS ARE more powerful in Wales than many believe.

True, the influence of the brotherhood is on the decline — but it remains a potent force.

The classic modern example is the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal.

One of its tasks was to investigate the role of freemasonry in the scandal — Gordon Anglesea is a past master of a Wrexham lodge.

But many of the Tribunal’s key officials — including two leading barristers — were masons.

They didn’t declare their interest — and the Tribunal went on to “clear” freemasonry of any involvement.

See the Freemasonry page for more details.



ANGLESEY COUNTY COUNCIL has been one of the most corrupt councils in the UK.

For decades it’s been run by a gang headed, for many years, by former council leader Gareth Winston Roberts OBE.

In September, one of the group — the council’s former housing director, John Arthur Jones — was finally brought to book.

He was gaoled for 18 months for endangering RAF training flights at the Mona Airfield near Llangefni.

He was incensed that these flights were damaging his chances of selling land at his nearby development.

See the Corruption page for more details.


THE FINAL investigation — into how the Murdoch press injected toxic values into Fleet Street — has moved to the new Press Gang site.

Rupert Murdoch deliberately chose unsavoury characters as some of his key lieutenants.

One of these was Mazher Mahmood, former News of the World Investigations Editor Mazher  alias the “Fake Sheik”

In October Mahmood was gaoled for 15 months for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

He was caught lying on oath in the July 2014 the trial of the singer Tulsa Contostavlos.

Mahmood had survived the closure of the News of the World and went to work for the Sun on Sunday after a controversial spell at the Sunday Times.

It was a Press Gang exposé which caught Mahmood lying to the Leveson Inquiry.

He claimed on oath that he had more than 250 successful criminal prosecutions to his name.

Following the Press Gang investigation, he was forced to admit the figure was less than 100.

Two years before he fell from grace Press Gang warned Scotland Yard and Rupert Murdoch’s own governance watchdog that Mahmood was a “serial perjurer”.

Neither was interested.

Press Gang has also exposed the unsavoury career of  Piers Morgan and mounted a long inquiry into the Metropolitan Police cover-up surrounding the murder of Welsh private eye Daniel Morgan.


Rebecca is independent, does not accept advertising or sponsorship and runs at a loss.

She depends on supporters to cover some of its costs.

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