IT’S FASHIONABLE to believe freemasons have little influence in modern life.

The articles in this series show that the masons are far from down and out.

The documentary Brothers in the Shadows reveals the shocking story of a former police detective who claims he was enticed into joining a gang of men abusing a young girl.

The retired sergeant said that a fellow freemason in North Wales “invited” him to join the gang.

This freemason is still at large.

The article A Mason-Free Zone? explores the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal failure to get to grips with the issue of freemasonry.

One of the reasons was that the Tribunal was itself dominated by masons …

Rebecca has published a list of all the known members of all the masonic lodges in Wales — see The Anatomy of Freemasonry In One Country.

Other articles include

A Fistful Of Coppers
Brothers in Silk 
The Missing Masonic Child Abuser.

An alphabetical list of all identified masons in Wales will be published later.

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