rebecca_logo_04CORRUPTION HAS long been a problem in Welsh local government.

In recent decades one of the worst offenders has been Anglesey County Council.

Until the Welsh government finally intervened, it had been run by a gang dominated by former leader Gareth Winston Roberts, OBE.

In September 2016, one of the gang — former housing director John Arthur Jones — finally went to prison.

But it wasn’t the police or public watchdogs who brought him to book.

It took the might of Britain’s airforce to shoot him down.

Jones was gaoled for 18 months for endangering RAF training flights at the Mona Airfield near Llangefni.

He was incensed that these flights were putting off potential purchasers of plots at his Parc Cefni development.

See The Fall Of John Arthur Jones for more on an incredible tale.

 PRISONER JONES DURING THE trial of Gordon Anglesea, Judge Geraint Walters adjourned the case to deal with former Anglesey housing chief John Arthur Jones. Judge Walters sentenced the former Anglesey housing chief to 18 months in prison for shining lights into the cockpits of RAF training flights at Mona Airfield. Jones believed the flights were interfering with his plans to sell chalets on a site he owned nearby. Jones was part of a gang of officials and councillors — including former council leader Gareth Winston Roberts — who considered themselves beyond the law. Even when Jones was arrested on suspicion of using builders on housing benefit to build his new house, he was unfazed. He went on holiday with a detective inspector — and was planning to give a lucrative contract to the former head of North Wales Police on the island … Photo: North Wales Police

A DISGRACED director of housing, Jones later became a councillor. He was a key figure in the scandals that engulfed the authority in the 1990s and 2000s. This photo was taken by police immediately after he was convicted of endangering RAF jets.                      

The Rebecca investigation into this council is one of the deepest ever undertaken into a British council — even the titles of the articles make disturbing reading.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, OBE
The Gospel According to “Jesus” Arthur Jones
A Plague On All Their Houses
The End of the Gang of Four

Rebecca has tried to put another bent former councillor, David Lewis Roberts, behind bars.

Roberts’ blatant attempt to corrupt the planning system is told in the The Case of the Corrupt Councillor.

Anglesey’s own standards committee branded him corrupt but our attempts to persuade North Wales Police to investigate Roberts have failed.

See May The Farce Be With You for more…

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