October 27, 2014


PIERS MORGAN insists he knew nothing about the “dark arts” of illegal news-gathering while he was Editor of the Daily Mirror.

But an investigation by Press Gang, the new Rebecca Television media website, suggests a different version of events …


In the years up to 2003, Piers Morgan’s Mirror used the services of private investigator Steve Whittamore.

Whittamore routinely broke the law to gain valuable information for the paper.

His records show that one of the Mirror reporters who used his services was Tom Newton Dunn.

Today, Newton Dunn is the political editor of The Sun.

Press Gang reveals that, back in 2001, Newton Dunn was implicated in an attempt to gain access to police records on a Tory politician.

For the full story, click on Whodunnit…?


OUR INVESTIGATION into the dark recesses of BBC Wales continues with The Torpedo Programme. Director Rhodri Talfan Davies refuses to answer any questions about the independent production company Torpedo run by former Director Menna Richards’ sister. Attempts to obtain information using the Freedom of Information Act have also failed. But, using other sources, Rebecca Television tells the story how millions of pounds of licence payers’ money ended up in the company’s coffers …


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