rebecca_logo_04CHANGES HAVE been made to the Rebecca Television website.

The major investigation into the Murdoch press has been moved to a new website: Press Gang.

Two long articles on Mazher Mahmood — The Sun’s “Fake Sheik” sensationally accused of lying by the judge in the trial of the singer Tulisa Contostavlos — have been posted on the site this morning.

They are The Life And Times Of A Serial Perjurer and The Sting In The Singer’s Tale.

On the Rebecca Television site work is under way on the follow-up to The Great Welsh Water Robbery.

This ground-breaking investigation was comprehensively ignored by Welsh media.

But, beneath the surface, the article has profoundly altered the debate around Welsh Water.

The cosy picture presented by the company — that it’s a not-for-profit business concerned only with its customers — has been seriously undermined.

Also on the stocks is the next phase of the inquiry into BBC Wales.

RHODRI TALFAN DAVIES There is speculation that the current BBC Wales Director Rhodri Talfan Davies will follow in the footsteps of both his father and Menna Richards and join the board of Glas Cymru in the years to come. We asked him if this was on the cards — he did not reply. Photo: BBC Wales

THE CURRENT Director Wales Rhodri Talfan Davies — and his family and friends — are under intense scrutiny for the first time.
Photo: BBC Wales

The Corporation did not appreciate the last article — In The Name Of The Father? — and has decided it will not be answering any questions.

Lyn Morgan — Interim Senior Communications Manager — declined to answer the final set of questions we submitted.

He told us:

“We have reviewed the position around your various enquiries.”

“Given the grossly disproportionate amount of time and resource which we have already dedicated to your most recent enquiry but also to those over a much longer period, we will not be commenting in future other than in truly exceptional circumstances.”

Rebecca Television is still trying to work out what those exceptional circumstances might be …








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