THIS PROGRAMME examines the role of freemasons and police in child abuse cases in North Wales.

It tells how the existence of a masonic lodge for police officers was kept from the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal in the 1990s.

A local newspaper editor stumbled on the story some time before the Tribunal began work.

At first North Wales Police denied it existed — a stance it was forced to abandon when the reporter produced a photocopy of the lodge entry in the provincial yearbook.

Then it claimed no serving officers were members — but that position also turned out to be wrong.

The journalist was amazed when the Tribunal was not told about the lodge.

But the core of the video is the extraordinary story of a paedophile ring which operated on the North Wales coast in 2005-6.

Orchestrated by a murderer, the ring included a retired police officer and several freemasons.

One of these masons is still at large.

Rebecca Television asks if police have done enough to bring this masonic child abuser to book.

The story has uncanny echoes of the 1980s and 1990s when North Wales was awash with rumours of a paedophile ring — allegedly involving police officers and masons — exploiting children in care.

Those rumours led to the establishment of the Tribunal.

When Brothers in the Shadows was first published, in 2010, the general view was that the issue has been laid to rest by the Tribunal in its massive report, called Lost in Care, published in 2000.

The Tribunal found no evidence of a paedophile ring and cleared North Wales Police of charges that it had failed to investigate child abuse allegations properly.

Rebecca Television was virtually alone in raising questions about the work of the Tribunal.

These doubts were dramatically vindicated last November when David Cameron announced a new police investigation and a review of the work of the Tribunal.

Also published today is an article which examines the 2005-6 paedophile ring in more detail — The Missing Masonic Child Abuser.

(Please note that the programme is a high quality video and may take some time to begin playing.)


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